Valtteri Bottas best race ever to defeat Lewis Hamilton in the season opener.

Mercedes motorist Valtteri Bottas wins season-opening Australian GP beating world champion Lewis Hamilton by 20 seconds!

Valtteri Bottas upsets Lewis Hamilton in the opening race of the Formula 1 year in Melbourne, Australia.

Bottas was truly untouchable on the track in the Melbourne sunshine and sailed home well ahead of fellow Mercedes motorist, Hamilton, who did not convert on an Albert Park rod spot for the fifth time.

Emotional and lost words Bottas was happy when he stepped outside of this car, asserting that it was his most beautiful race. Reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton, ended 2-2 seconds behind his teammate giving his 4th runnerup decoration in Melbourne.

RedBull racer Max Verstappen showed a reasonable pace, passing Sebastian Vettel, also found himself to the lower step of the podium.

Hometown hopeful Daniel Ricciardo advent with Renault began invisibly. While the lights changed at the start line, Ricciardo was nudged to the border, which caused the driver to lose the front of his car, resulting in a push to the last place.

The Renault team worked quickly and nicely inside the Pitt to replace the wing, however; there was more damage on the medial side of the vehicle which slowed the pace, which makes it impossible to manoeuvre back up through the pack, also retiring on lap 38.

Bottas took the chequered flag at the opening race citing that”The car was great. It had been delightful”.

Final Top Standings and Times

Inch.Lewis Hamilton MERCEDES +20.886s0

Max Verstappen RED BULL RACING HONDA +22.520s0

Charles Leclerc FERRARI +58.230s0

Kevin Magnussen HAAS FERRARI +87.156s0

Kimi Räikkönen ALFA ROMEO RACING FERRARI +1 lap0



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