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Oct 06th
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Patty Weekly

Patty Weekly is Patronise F1's non-award winning, barely-entertaining "weekly", "exclusive" newsletter, launched back in 2009 with the intent of delivering a piping-hot batch of amusing F1 thoughts and news items to your inbox, along with some shameless plugs to recent Patronise F1 articles that you might have missed.


To join in with literally tens of Patty Weekly subscribers, simply plonk your e-mail address in that box to your right, and every Wednesday (or thereabouts), a new e-mail shall be yours. To get an idea for what you'd be letting yourselves in for, the full archive of Patty Weekly emails from the past is listed below.


Note for Hotmail/Yahoo e-mail account holders - There's a chance that Patty mails to your accounts are treated as spam. Perish the thought. If you don't get an activation e-mail after you enter your details, check your spam folder and it should be there.

Patty Weekly #116

Not talking about Bahrain but talking about Lotus.

Patty Weekly #115

All about Cucumbergate.

Patty Weekly #114

The trials of Felolpe and some disappearing news.

Patty Weekly #113

Some pre-season Patty Weekly predictions.

Patty Weekly #112

Bernie changes his mind and Sky do some more borrowing.

Patty Weekly #111

The backmarker war has already begun.

Patty Weekly #110

A Trulli sad day for everyone.

Patty Weekly #109

Meekly Returning with some Meek Returns. 

Patty Weekly #108

Kimi returns and the BBC leaves us hanging.

Patty Weekly #107

The young and the rich. 

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