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Aug 27th
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FIA look to change stepped noses for 2013

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According to the FIA's technical delegate Charlie Whiting, the FIA will push to change the rules for the 2013 season to remove the current stepped nose designs from the sport, though the plan would require unanimous approval from the teams.

Formula One's grid in 2012 has been blighted by ugly car designs, with every team but McLaren and Marussia choosing to add a step to their nose of their car this season.

The new designs are a result of the FIA altering the maximum height requirements for the nose section of the car, in order to improve safety in the event of a T-bone accident.

However, the rule was altered from requiring the whole front end to be lowered to simply requiring a lower section after teams complained that the change would fundamentally alter their design work for 2012.

The resulting stepped designs are a result of teams trying to meet the new lower nose height requirements while keeping the rest of the front as high as possible for aerodynamic purposes.

But with fans reacting unhappily to the new designs, Whiting has said that he will look to secure unanimous backing to alter the design rules for 2013 to bring a better aesthetic quality to the F1 grid.

However, Whiting suggested that the matter would likely be resolved anyway by 2014, when the sport is set to adopt a raft of new regulations.

"It will doubtless be discussed [with the teams]," he was quoted as saying by the Autosport website regarding the current design issues.

"In 2014, the rules will be entirely different and there will be much, much lower noses so that problem will disappear in 2014 I imagine.

"But of course I will raise the question [for 2013] with the [Technical Working Group] when we next meet. Everybody would like to see something nicer."

And he added that the issue had been a result of everyone involved with the change in rules failing to realise that the new height regulations would lead to a stepped nose future.

"At that point I don't think anyone outside of the very small group of designers that were designing the cars knew what the cars might look like," he shrugged.

"It was pointed out that there could be a bit of a step there, as it was put, but frankly it didn't seem important for us to get excited about."

He added: "Hopefully we can resolve the situation, but by the time we do everyone will have got used to what we have got anyway."

The 2014 season will see Formula One bring in a number of new regulations for the cars, including a new 1.6-litre turbocharged engine formula.

Originally, plans had been drawn up to also overhaul the fundamental design of the cars, reducing aerodynamic grip and returning to a more ground effect-type design.

However, those plans have been scaled back amid concerns over the cost of such a sweeping change to the rules.