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Sep 03rd
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Teams set to debate mapping controversy

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Formula One's Technical Working Group is set to discuss the current situation with Formula One's ban on off-throttle blown diffusers in a meeting at Silverstone on Saturday, with the situation risking spiralling out of control.

The technology was effectively banned by the FIA from the British Grand Prix this weekend, but in the last 24 hours the governing body has flip-flopped on a number of concessions.

Initially, it was revealed that both Mercedes and Renault engines had been granted specific allowances beyond the original plan to cap the off-throttle exhaust flow to 10% of that of maximum throttle.

Mercedes have been allowed to run an 'engine over-run' when under braking in order to help with reliability concerns.

Meanwhile, the FIA also allowed Renault to run at 50% of maximum throttle flow in order to help with their own reliability issues.

But on Saturday morning the FIA confirmed that the latter concession, to the Renault teams, had been withdrawn, prompting an angry meeting between FIA technical delegate Charlie Whiting and Red Bull boss Christian Horner during morning practice.

"I am going down to speak to Charlie about it," Horner was quoted as saying before the meeting by Autosport, "I am not saying anything else."

Meanwhile, after the meeting, he offered BBC reporters a simple: "No comment."

But now the FIA have called an 'extraordinary meeting' of their Technical Working Group in order to debate the issue and find some sort of resolution.

"In order to discuss the subject of engine mapping there will be an extraordinary meeting of the TWG at 11.30 today in the meeting room adjacent to the F1 stewards office," Whiting informed the teams in a note on Saturday.

"It is important that each team sends a senior technical representative and we suggest that each team principal should also attend."

He added that the reason the Renault allowance had been withdrawn was because the request was receive too late.

"Following further discussions with teams and engine manufacturers we are now in a position to offer the following view which we will enforce with immediate effect," the note explained.

"In line with the requirements to provide acceptable SECU configurations to the FIA before the start of the British GP, i.e. before the start of the event at 10.00 on Thursday, we consider any information provided after that time to be inadmissible for this event.

"Therefore, for the reminder of this event the requirements of TD/022-11 and TD025-11 stand as written and, as an exception (of which every engine manufacturer was aware before the start of this event) fired overrun in FC04 will be permitted."